Kim Kardashian stuns in see through LINGERIE as she steps out during Paris Fashion Week

A great exclusive video of the latest trend and style in Lingerie design Watch the hot Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show , the hot seductive models walked the ramp in sexy see through lingerie for sensual lingerie fashion show. Taki Sawant interviews these hot super models at the event. Watch the full video & enjoy.

Absolutely dying to see what cute, sexy and daring undergarments Victoria's Secret is planing to roll out at their fashion show in Shanghai when it airs on Nov. 28!? You are most certainly not alone! Not only is it one of the biggest fashion events of the year boasting loads of steamy lingerie, VS also has. Fashion Uncensored is high fashion's steamy, but tasteful contribution to the too-hot-for-daytime genre. This provocative, tightly edited series takes you front-row to runways so sizzling, we're surprised they don't melt. Barely legal lingerie, see-through-fabrics, and miles of skin steal the stage as top designers and models.

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