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Initializing stage: x file: autoplay: true preload: none isvideo: true smoothing: false timerrate: displayState: false proxpromo.infoble: true. “I'm glad to see all of you at our first Girls Outdoors! meeting. I'm Ms. Manion, your leader, and this is Mr. Warren. He'll be my assistant leader.” “I didn't know men could be leaders,” said a little blonde across the circle. A dark-skinned girl spoke at almost the same time. “I didn't know men could be assistants.” Valerie grinned.

Even Lorraine Knox was browner than other blonde girls who did not grow up in Arizona. Children played outdoors all the daylight hours. Mikey was made to come indoors only in bad weather, or at night, and then he was planted in one spot where Maggie or Granny could keep track of him. He was not allowed to run and. View Stock Photo of Cute Blonde Girl Student Reading Book Eating Apple Outdoors. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images.

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