The evolution of Kim Kardashian’s bum from average rump to icon with its own postcode

Kim Kardashian strips down to incredibly tiny black thong to show off her 'real bum' - but is 'crushed by fan backlash'. The reality star's aim to get people talking about her post-baby body has backfired in a huge way. Share; 74Comments. By. Emmeline Saunders. , 26 APR ; Updated , 26 APR Celebs. THERE's no denying that Kim Kardashian's bum is one of the biggest in the business – but there's a good reason why it looks so large. The reality star's attention-grabbing derriere is made all the more eye-popping because of her small stature. Kim's generous backside looks all the larger thanks to the star's.

REAL or fake, Kim Kardashian's booty continues to break the internet. From waiflike rears to butt implants, bums have long been the subject of trends — and Kardashian's has had more attention than anyone's. The latest Kardashian-related body image controversy came after a series of unflattering bikini. The reality star, 36, has vehemently denied having cosmetic surgery to inflate her bum, and claims her curvaceous look is down to pregnancy weight and treatment for psoriasis. During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in , Kim had her derriere X-rayed to prove she hasn't had silicone.

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