Former ‘Family Ties’ actress takes on real-life role as non-traditional UCLA student

In a recent interview, actor Jason Bateman, 38, discussed his sister, actress Justine Bateman, 41, and her decision to take a break from acting while raising her children Duke, 5, and Olivia, 3, with husband Mark Fluent. She's got a couple of beautiful little kids that are fiveand, I think, two and a half. By Hassett Anteneh —. Actress Justine Bateman thought her binge eating and purging was normal, but when a friend gently suggested she had an addiction as serious as alcohol or drugs, she entered a step program. That's where she found Jesus. “I found the highest high by hitting the lowest low,” the.

Coming back to school after years — or decades — away from the classroom can be a daunting experience, but Hollywood actress-turned-television-writer-and-digital-media-producer Justine Bateman is proof-positive that it is never too late to pursue a UCLA education. In fall , Bateman, who starred. Justine bateman wikipedia, the free encyclopedia., Justine tanya bateman fluent (born february,) is an.

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