5 times McKayla Maroney was not impressed

If you don't agree with our list leave a comment with your opinion!:) The Very Best of the McKayla Is Not. So, after all this time since this meme started, I finally got to meet Mckayla! Def a great and wonderful experience. Shoutouts to everyone who's viewed and submitted to the blog, thanks! ♥ 5, notes. ♥ notes. ♥ 37 37 notes. McKayla is not impressed with bubble gum. ♥ 36 36 notes. McKayla is not.

Let's take a look back at the the not impressed face, which she made after earning a silver medal in the vault final. Maroney, heavily favored to win, fell on one of her vaults. The face she made while on the medal stand was captured by a photographer, and it launched a million memes. She had a good. McKayla is Not Impressed is an emerging photoshop meme featuring a photograph of United States gymnast McKayla Maroney wearing a scowling expression during the Olympic Games in London.

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