Why Did Masiela Lusha (carmen) Leave The George Lopez Show?

George Lopez and Masiela Lusha SitcomsOnline: You grew up in front of our eyes on television. You certainly blossomed and became a beautiful woman. I think every teenage boy who watched the show fell in love. Anyway, your wardrobe began to change in the later seasons. Was it uncomfortable. European-born actress/writer Masiela Lusha portrayed "Carmen Lopez" for five seasons as George Lopez's rebellious and passionate daughter on the syndicated Carmen Lopez. - George Vows to Make Some Matri-Money () Carmen Lopez. Show all episodes. Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series).

Masiela Lusha, known for playing the part of Carmen Lopez, the rebellious and passionate daughter on the. Masiela Lusha (Carmen Lopez). After George Lopez, the year-old actress starred as Sharon in Blood: The Last Vampire and appeared in films Kill Katie Malone and Dragonfyre. Jan 19, pm.

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