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I've been wanting to write about Victoria Grace Elliott's webcomic Balderdash! or, A Tale of Two Witches, here in Drawn to Comics for a long time. It's gorgeous, has great characters, takes an old concept (witches) and puts a great new spin on it and has really terrific writing. Elliott recently went on a hiatus. Acclaimed Flop: The show was generally well received (more in later episodes, but still apparent early on), but low ratings meant no season 3. Fan Nickname: Some fans prefer to call Matt as "BatMatt" since the release of New Power saga. Image Source: Love Before First Sight (comics). Playing Against Type: Steve Blum as.

Licorice Dust. 9. Licorice Dust is a vampire who was made into one alongside her three best friends. She was a previous lover of Tarot and eventually became Boo Cat's lesbian lover and was the more controlled one of the two. Her kidnap in the long-swerving Mercedes of an older lesbian witch and the unnerving surrealistic encounters that follow in Crepax's Baba Yaga () spawned a film and hosts of imitations. Roberto Raviola (again under his pseudonym Magnus), working with Mirka Martini, reasserted his masterful pen strokes in the.

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