Crystal Liu YiFei Nude in The Assassins

The animated film Mulan, about a brave female Chinese warrior, became a hit upon its release in And 19 years later, Disney has found their Mulan for the live action adaptation of the movie. Chinese actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, has been announced as the lead character. Disney has picked Chinese actor Liu Yifei to play Mulan in an upcoming film, following accusations against Hollywood of 'whitewashing'. The live-action adaptation of the animated movie will tell the tale of the famed Chinese heroine Hua Mulan. Several Hollywood films have faced criticism in recent.

Reading is the ladder of human progress, everybody is good, I am Bitch people love, see flowers bloom, see car tire Xiaobian today, and to give you not come, if you love our articles, please remember to subscribe! And today brings to everybody the article content is: Liu Yifei in , fifteen year old Liu. CHINA: Chinese actress-singer Liu Yi Fei, also known as Crystal Liu, has stripped off her girl-next-door image - -literally. Revealing that she isn't conservative, the former 'jade girl' put words into action with a nude scene in "The Assassins", a historical film that focuses on the later years of Han Dynasty warlord Cao Cao.

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