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I Like It When You Beg But No. Random NSFW things I've reblogged. Mostly humiliation and denial. I'm a straight man in a polyfidelitous relationship with two women. I consider myself dominant, but I can switch when the mood strikes me. Mostly I enjoy reluctance, humiliation, and sacrifices, especially orgasm denial. Enjoy! Bisexual, switch, more submissive in a bedroom, more dominant in a real live girl, 24 y.o. I'm in orgasm denial, DD/lg, cuckqueaning etc. My second blog: proxpromo.info I believe.

Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place to share it, if not - please move or delete this thread:) So, I've been running my tumblr blog for almost a year. I publish mostly captioned images about denied, orgasm craving girls, but there are numerous captions of dominant girls denying you (the reader). female-orgasm-denial: 'You want me to SUCK you? I'm your wife, not your whore!' she declared on their wedding night. Thankfully he wasn't surprised. It was a marriage of convenience. Her father was a powerful mover in his industry. She was beautiful, sweet, but very prim and proper. Actually he relished the challenge.

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