Shadow Chancellor compares Nicola Sturgeon to Mrs Thatcher

BOXY brightly-coloured jackets and ill-fitting suits used to dominate Nicola Sturgeon's wardrobe. Just for the avoidance of doubt, those things that Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon both share, the “finest weapons in their physical arsenal”, as the Daily Mail's Sarah Vine called them in a column on yesterday's meeting between the two women, they are just legs. Millions, even most, women have them.

Some activists thought the original picture of the SNP leader holding up a Scottish edition of The Sun was actually a photoshopped smear. Nicola's life has changed beyond all recognition since she became deputy leader of the SNP in September and declared her intention of defeating the first . On her living room walls are two small framed prints - one is a well-known Klimt and the other looks like a Modigliani nude, but she doesn't know who.

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