College Parties: 8 Tips On Surviving Freshman Year Social Life

Hi friends! Today's video is an entire freshman college advice video, including partying, hookups, and. The new academic year at Princess College has started! Anna and Moana are new at college and they don't know anyone yet. 3d-year students Elsa and Ariel decided to throw a college freshman party to help the 1st-years to blend in and meet people. A party of such kind needs a whole lot of preparations, and the.

Your first college party is an unforgettable experience, but it's important that you know what to expect! Follow these 10 tips for the time of your life! Get ready to rock your first college party. If you weren't the type of person to go to parties in high school, you probably thought that the kids who did were, in some form or fashion, bad news. As my mother told me one night on the phone during my freshman year, “Now is the time to sow your wild oats.

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