NSFW: NFL Accidentally Shows Naked Football Players During Post-Game, Locker Room Interview

She stuck around in the locker room afterwards to speak to a few of his new teammates and during one interview, a player in the background accidentally made a bare-bottomed cameo. What a Cox up Sunrise accidentally broadcast a naked football player getting changed during a story segment this. The NFL Network might have just pulled off the most revealing postgame interview of all-time.

As the team got up and made their way over to the men's locker room at the far end of the complex, Ryan made his way to the coach, taking off his swim cap and shaking the water out of his short brown hair. “Hey, coach, you got a sec?” The coach turned to face him, and nodded. “Sure thing Cooper, what's. Oops! What happens in the locker room usually stays in the locker room! But some players on the Cincinatti Bengals weren't treated to this kind.

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