After Dark, My Sweet

Director: James Foley. Cast: Jason Patric; Rachel Ward; Bruce Dern. R, Under 17 restricted What James Foley has done with the Jim Thompson thriller "After Dark, My Sweet" is probably somebody's idea of tough. Probably somebody in Beverly Hills. Nobody bothers much with clean glasses or mixers in Thompson's. This year we'll see three more film adaptations of Thompson's work — The Grifters, The Kill-Off and, first on deck, After Dark, My Sweet, which was At a bar on the fringes of the California desert, he picks a fight with the bartender and picks up Fay (Rachel Ward), a leggy widow who claims that her husband.

Based on the Jim Thompson novel. A kidnapping plot does not go as planned. Gripping scene with Jason Patric. A latter-day film noir involving the intertwined destinies of three boozy lowlifes. Collie (Jason Patric) is a near.

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