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Last week, Emma Watson's feminist credentials were questioned after she appeared in a somewhat risqué fashion shoot for Vanity Fair's March cover story. The actress—a United Nations Goodwill ambassador and outspoken advocate for gender equality—was shot topless, save an open-weave Burberry. Emma promotes the. Guilty face (Picture: Jimmy Kimmel Live). Self-confessed 'loser' Emma used to learn her co-stars scripts as well as her own, then would mouth the words as Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint said their lines, completely ruining the shot. She appeared as Hermione in eight films between.

The lens is aimed menacingly at the viewer, like the barrel of a gun, a neat illustration of what we had just experienced at the Tate." The description sure seems like the same self-portrait here, no? In other Emma art news, Watson recently shared some gorgeous images of her that were shot for Wonderland. Emma Watson has magically transformed from Harry Potter's precocious overachiever to a full-blown glamour girl. Now the sassy star starts her next act—college.

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